We are finally happy to announce that our new single “Queen To Me” will be available on Myspace on Friday 13th. It is the first single from the forthcoming album “Devil In Me”.

In support of the single we will do a four date tour with Danish legends D-A-D. We will also play a show with our fellow Helsinki rockers 45 Degree Woman. More gigs will follow this spring and summer.

All the best as always,

Olavi, Tomi, Veli, Marko and Tommi
The Milestones

The Milestones supporting Whitesnake in December Thursday

Hey folks!

We have an honor to be a special guest for Whitesnake on December 12th. They’re playing at legendary Ice Hall here in Helsinki.

Should be a good Friday night as it’s almost sold out already. Great party for 7000 people!

We’re still working on our next record and some of the new songs will be played on that show.

All the best always,

The Milestones

Hi there!

Welcome to our new website. It’s been a while. I guess most of you have already visited our myspace site. If you haven’t, go and check it out as well. You can also get the news on a regular basis from there.

We’re still recording and mixing but have finally got to the stage where we already know which song will be the first single. If everything goes to plan it will be out in January and the album will follow shortly after that.

Some cool things are definitely stirring up at this very moment and we’re all excited as hell!

Feel free to leave messages on our new guestbook, it’s cool to hear from you people!

All the best, always,

Olavi, Tomi, Veli, Marko and Tommi
The Milestones