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The Milestones sign with Listenable Records

HEY HEY HEY GIRLS AND BOYS! Great news; we’ve just signed worldwide licensing deal with Listenable Records for “Higher Mountain – Closer Sun”!Here’s the official press release:


Finnish rockers THE MILESTONES have been churning out their own brand of catchy Southern classic rock for many years and their latest album and undoubtedly their strongest effort entitled ‘Higher Mountain – Closer Sun’ is now set to be released on LISTENABLE outside Finland with 2 exclusive bonus tracks in end of September.

‘Higher Mountain – Closer Sun’ has really generated a roaring response in their native country upon release and we feel confident THE MILESTONES will convince many a rocker with their authentic and classy hard rock. Fans of LYNYRD SKYNYRD, THE FACES, LED ZEPPELIN, look no further !

” ‘Higher Mountain – Closer Sun’ is a monumental document of what one can make with sincerity, passion, friendship, endurance and love for rock ‘n roll. In the case of THE MILESTONES, it resulted once again in a classic rock ‘n roll masterpiece that should be celebrated and enjoyed all over the universe by fans of timeless rock music.”


1. Walking Trouble
2. Shalalalovers
3. Drivin’ Wheel
4. Oh My Soul
5. Grateful
6. Sweet Sounds
7. It’s All Right
8. You
9. Looking Back For Yesterday
10. Damn
11. Fool Me
12. Call Of The Wild (bonus track)
13. Quicksilver (bonus track)